Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Day On Earth ... Tagged

Uncertain princess tagged me on this one.

There was this message i had received once which went like: "If You found you had 24 hours to live what would you do? I'd spend 23 hours with you, and spent the last one searching for someone who'd take care of you..."

Maybe that message could speak appreciatively for lovers, bosom pals. But for a anybody, what would he do, and thats what i have to prophesise about.I'll go back in time again. I once had a chat with TR, soon after Dasvidaniya was released. We told each other about our own 10 things which we we'd like to see done before leaving for the next level.

Now, I'd really liked to finish those desires to completion. But as I reach the last day of my LIFE, I'd filled with sheer nostalgia and memories, wistfully sometimes, and the earning for freedom which I'd soon get immersed in.

It wouldn't be possible to call all friends, as many of them i have. I'd probably gather a large piece of paper, write a long letter, and name all the people who have come into my life, as much as i can remember. I'd fold it neatly and keep it on the bedside table.

I'd ask mom and dad to spend the whole day with me, but only after I'd return. I'd go the nearby post box and post a letter to my beloved, with whom I am no longer in contact. That would be my LAST EVER ATTEMPT TOWARDS YOU...IN THIS LIFE. And taking the opportunity, I'd collect a custom ordered Sari for mom(those garments are eternal favourites of mom) and the collage (bearing reminiscences of me and my life) which I'd have given for lamination.

I'd return home and have lunch with dad and mom(Chilli Chicken and Mutton Chap cooked by mom in the menu). And I'd surprise them with my gifts and fool around basically and joke out loud till all of us are literally rolling on the floor with laughter.I'd then call up a few of my treasured persons on this world, and chat just like that, without any reference or appraisal about the Last Day. I'd take my guitar and play just like that, yet again. I expect by then i can play some licks :P

And then all of a sudden I'd find the clock ticking at 11:38:45 P.M. I'd realize I got another few precious minutes. I'd go to my bedroom and steal a kiss from mom n dad and bid them good night, no goodbye, and I'd depart to my room. To go as I had come. Alone. The loneliness can be sometimes so fulfilling. I'd lie on my back, arms and legs outstretched in the form of the PENTACLE, in a final attempt to be perfect as much as i can be ever. I'd close my eyes for eternity and Goodbye ... Adios ... Ciao ... Dasvidaniya ...

P.S.:- A feeble attempt to imagine and pen down thoughts, and of a really bad literal quality...

P.S.:- This is a scheduled post.

P.S.:- I pass this tag along to 11 terrific bloggers,(in no particular order) who make me feel, "whoa! this is called creativity and expression" every single time i read their posts.

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  1. i loved it..simple yet so beutiful..thnx for taking ya time on it n rolling the tag
    keep psting..

  2. planning the last day of ones life is not a very good idea though.. not cuz i want to live to eternity, but cuz thinkin go f leaving my loved ones sends shivers down my spine..

    but this is a sweet way to plan it.. spending it the family..

  3. You are perfect. :)

    P.S. Thanxx for tagging me, bdw this is my first tag.
    See you always stay the cutieee pie. Dearie. :)

  4. thanks fr tagging .. i was anyway gonna steal this tag ;)

  5. @ uncertain princess: well i happened to think it was a pretty bad piece of writing on my part...

  6. @ risha: planning isnt something i usually do...i usually let things take their natural course...

  7. @ diya: me n perfect?!?!
    u gone mad?1?!
    pagli ekta :P

  8. @ pratibha: where has ur blog diappeared????

  9. hey thanks for passing on the tag to me. I will try to do justice to it. :) And yes wht u wrote was so simple yet beautiful.

  10. Hey...
    thnx a lot for the Tag..
    you have really pulled the standard and quality of this Tag to some heights :)
    will try to catchup...
    btw, the third p.s was something, thanx for being soo kind...
    Means a lot :)

  11. @ thinkin' :You're welcome anytime.
    And the third p.s. was entirely true. from the insides of my heart :D

  12. @ ria: i'm hopin to see the tag soon on your page...:D