Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Misused, she lay in a corner. The dark alley was replete with dirt. And polythenes. And drums. And barrels. And torn clothes, of her, shred all around. As she recovered her sense, her hand travelled to her temple, which throbbed wildly reminding her about her being. All of a sudden she felt a chill. As she browsed her hand over breast, she felt her nipples and realized her naked figure. It came back to her. The woeful thrusts and pain. The forcefulness and wildness of the rogues, the bastards! She felt and remembered everything, except she didn't have the guts to open her eyes. What if they were still there? What if they were just sitting by the wayside waiting to pounce on her while she came back to her senses?

With shaking eyelids and drooped in pain, she opened her left eye. Gory dark stared back at her. Far away something bright was there. It was hazy. She was having trouble adjusting to the black. she opened both her eyes. It must be the street lamp. As she sat up, and looked at herself, a new shudder passed through her. she shivered all the way down to the bone. She felt shame, guilt, atrociously. Empty streets greeted her.

Looking all around, well aware of peeks, she picked up shrapnels of her dress, and covered her bare essentials. Dragging herself along, with a shiver keeping her rooted sometimes. A mere shadow on a lighted window or foot-steps on the stone pathway alerted her and she pryfully stepped into the darkness hiding herself.

She was almost there now. She could see the lights. She could also hear Mozart. It was Cain's favourite. She reached the steps. She could now read the nameplate stuck rigidly on the door. It read" Cain & ishshah " .
She loved to be called "ishshah". She was Cain's and only Cain's ishshah. She loved it when he took her hands and pressed them into his own, just like rose petals embraced the anthers within. Even if she had been torn apart by those rogues. Her Cain would see to it that she be avenged. She adored it when he took her in his arms and swivelled around with her in embrace to the ballad tunes. She lost herself in him when he made his moves on her and made love to her. A coach on its way on the street with ringing bells drew her back. She didn't have the strength nor the courage to knock. She pushed the door and went inside, apprehensively.

Cain and a woman were on the floor. In close intimacy. Cain stared dumbfounded at her, and the woman screamed," You said you had her finished and the business was over!". He quietened her, "ishshah, just be quiet!"

She was stunned. Hysterically she howled and wailed and yelled," She's just my namesake!" and collapsed on to the floor, her insides tearing apart, like flesh being torn out of a fractured bone...

For most of you who'll be ignorant of the word, "ishshah", it means "woman" in hebrew. In the Bible(old testament) it was mentioned about Cain and ishshah. For more information you can contact

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  1. Ouch! That hurt!

    Well captured.


    P.S. I knew what Ishshah means. :P

  2. That was awesome Pagla! Proof that you are really rejuvenated. ;)
    Nevertheless, take care! :)

  3. Amazing work..
    very intriguing..
    I really wanted to know what happened before and after this abstract, but it was still so complete...
    Dark and intense, to the the core
    Good job :)

  4. not beautiful,but something more than just that.

  5. @ pink orchid: i ddnt mean to bring out tears :(

  6. @ bondgalz: am really glad to know someone knew about the term...i'm not lonely :P
    do visit again...

  7. @ thinkin: that's probably the best comment so far on this post...thanx!!!
    do visit again...

  8. @ diya: trust me when i say i'm rejuvenated...:)

  9. @ pseudo intellectual: if that made an impact on you...well a pat on my back by myself...:D

  10. really really impressive....
    Was like reading a O'Henry's short story.....