Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why is it life always comes a full circle? I remember PP had mocked fun at me. I owe her no hard feelings, since. However, today i realize what a ride she has been taken on. Maybe love indeed has these strange Harry Potter rides, which never really are what they seem to be.

Catch 22 - The recollection


I have had birthdays. You all have had birthdays. We all have them. Sometimes we celebrate. Sometimes we have fun. Sometimes we screw up. Sometimes, well, we just let the day pass. And, sometimes, we just do all that together. I have had one of those birthdays, not long back.

I had wishes aplenty. I had messages abound. I replied to everyone who remembered me.

I expected the surprise.  Was just surprised by the absence of a few. I was stumped by the beautiful collection of notes and messages. I was bowled over by the cake. I had a great time.

I had the prettiest flowers. I had the perfect notebook. I had the tiny book. I had the perfect person.

I had the the surprise gifts. I had a gala time. I had fags. I had fun.

And then, I had the Queen of all surprises. I had the yummiest-chocolatiest-tastiest-bestest-awesommest-brilliantest homemade cake ever.

And, I had introductions made.

And, I had a great time. A G.R.E.A.T TIME.

And I had certain dreams coming true.

I had THE  T.I.M.E   O.F   M.Y   L.I.F.E

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poached Eggs

I love Poached Eggs. Fantabulously mind-blowing. As you bite the yolk, with the juice flowing ever slightly down your fingers, and the sprinkled salt and pepper making it finger-lickin'-good, the feeling is just awesome.

I can have Poached Eggs with baked slices of bread, with Beef Steak, and with American Chopsuey. These are usual. Try it with Maggi. Cook the Maggi noodles and place it on a pair of poached eggs and have it. Try Poached eggs with small chopped pieces of Tomato and Coriander Leaves sprinkled. you can also try it on a Pizza, but the Pizza lovers might just hate the loss of the Italiano Flavour, but trust me, It does taste good.

The perfect blend of Continental Cuisine and Homemade Indian tweaks.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sometimes you chance upon something, that something which can strike you right inside. It will cut you through and yet it won’t kill you. You will just know it’s you, in a way. I chanced upon Pablo Neruda tonight. Years back I had chanced upon Khaled Hosseini. It’s my style. It’s my pattern. Deep layered enigmatic imagery irony of emotions. I love the pieces.

I am not supposed to be awake now. I am supposed to be tired. I am teary again. I miss D. Ruffle of the hair. That way.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

What of the time when I am not with you. When I only have to rei(g)n in the afterglow. When I have to go yearning for you while oblivious to the world. I am oblivious now. I am in tears. I don’t believe myself while I am writing. I dread to discover your pain. I can’t do without knowing that either. I can give my life for you. I know I don’t need to do that, but you are everything. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  I can’t live without you. I love you.

Today meant a lot. A “l.o.t” as you say it. God Bless.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Hope is not in what I know 
Not in me 
It's in You 

It's all I know 

And I find peace When I'm confused 
I find hope when I'm let down 
Not in me 
But in You 

I hope to lose myself 
For good 
I hope to find it in the end 
Not in me 
It's You 

It's all I know