Friday, August 29, 2008


Sounds like a weird topic to start with ,or rather REstart with … been months (and by months I mean MONTHS as in double digits !!!)since I opened up Microsoft word on my pc and wrote down the day’s blog and then opened my blogspot account and copy pasted it,no plagiarism mind it!! [;-)]


Well lets get back to the point.why such a weird and way out of the range topic to blog on??The reason in just two words: ROCK ON!! Now how does a film just released get one to think such a mode of getting deep into senti stuff with egos and all?? Phew!! The story reminded me of the ego clash and the resulting consequences,hazardous ones if I may add!


Ego ,no one knows how it suddenly becomes all the fulcrum of the problems which arise.we keep blaming everything around us- the near and dear ones, the surroundings, the people around us, actually we don’t let go of any factor or thing which we cant blame, but why is it most of us don’t realize its our own ego which is holding us apart, distancing ourselves from ourselves only??? Human instincts give rise to ego and that is very natural,indeed ! But ego can also used in a very positive way too!!


Everywhere around me I notice people having ego problems with this person and that person, even I haven’t been spared. I have had my fair share of problems , egoistic ones if I may add ,but whatever be their nature trust me  I haven’t seen any positive outcome of this thing called ego! In the end its got an amazing ability to destruct the basis of the problem and the ones involved and it then gets into self destruction mode with the ones concerned realizing their mistakes of giving so much priority to their ego’s…and then the ego slowly gets ravaged but usually its too late by then,the actual and realistic thing has been destroyed by then…no use for the self destruction activity then,only repentance comes sooner or later,but scarcely serves the purpose!!


Just penning down this stuff maybe to just make a will from inside to try and not give so much importance to ego,might also be an appeal to those reading this(however bored they might be!!) to give more priority to other aspects than ego!! Most of us think why worry about all this now,when the time comes ,it’ll all be ok…’I’ don’t give so importance to ego and all…but the fact is all of us,YES ALL of us are egoistic in our own way…in some aspects of life, in some cornerstones of decisions, in some wild ways , in some truthful stares, in some solutions, in some problems…but it doesn’t take us very far does it?? I’m no philosopher nor any gyaani nor do I hold any post graduate degree in advice regarding ways of life,but from experiences in around me are some lessons which have gotten embossed in me…just blogged them …


Obviously wouldn’t have wanted to start or restart my blogging methods with such a negativity ensuring topic but couldn’t restrain myself from the itching to get writing again,n yeah it feels soo very great to write!! Doesn’t it?? And one more thing yeah, for those who are wondering whats the relation b/w this blog topic and “Rock on”,just spare yourself some time and go watch the movie,maybe you’ll be able to make it out on your own…so guys ROCK ON & BLOG ON …