Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ghost of me

Tears come streaming down
A shake of the head
More tears
Wiping of the cheek with the fold of the arm
Not cut out to be
Adamance not to be admonished
Life moves on
So do we ...

Monday, January 11, 2010


You are gone.

I am left on probation.

You would stay awake.

I would lull you to sleep.

You would talk.

I would listen.

You would chatter.

I would patter.

You would sing.

I would compose.

You would dance.

I would match the steps.

You would run.

I would egg you on.

You would cross the road.

I would hold your shaking hands.

You would work.

I would wait.

You would laugh.

I would make it my only music.

You would cry.

I would take you in my arms.

You would make faces.

I would tease you.

You would shout.

I would be calm.

You would be silent.

I would scream.

You would love me.

I would love you.

And then, you were gone.

I looked around.

I found none.

I ran searching for your trails.

I encountered failures.

I was daunted.

But, I never gave up.

I had my obsession.

I had my dream.

But then you realize, dreams are just dreams after all.

The walls crashed.

And then came a time, when I stopped running after you.

I chased your shadows.

Black and Grey.

Never White.

Never Red, Ivory Blue.

I caught you many times.

But I could never hold on to you.

I ceased to follow.

I learnt to let go while holding on.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Snippets of a week

It’s been a funny start to the year.

It’s been only 8 days old, and I’ve gotten drunk 3 times already. And as usual, I haven’t gotten high. So I am now shifting gears to beer ensuring a beer belly. Anyways I am not spilling over.

I tried my hand at designing chemical equipments. Strange how easy it seems, and how the designs seem to fail with weird logics. And how we’ve had to progress without any help from a ‘concerned’ teacher who has ‘forgotten to design’ because he last did it 10 years back.

I restarted CAT classes. Seems like it’s time to buck up. I need to START, and I mean literally and figuratively.

I’ve managed to bathe in cold (icy) water through the dipping temperatures.

I’ve been able to finally write my own college classes schedule in the diary. When I was a fresher, friends did it for me, when I got promoted, the new freshers’ were the honoraries.

I’ve had yummy chocolate cake prepared by MD. She brought it to college to treat us.

I hear that tomorrow’s a highly probable holiday only to find it was a rumour. Jyoti Basu is still alive.

I now come to know I won’t be able to sleep till 10 in the morning till maybe next weekend, ‘coz even the coming Sunday has a family ceremony in place.

I post on back to back days!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cold Stares

One of the infinite specks of dust


Settles on the table.

I stare.

I keep staring.


Morbid translucence rears its head,

I dread.

A buzz quivers and stings.

I turn around,

Recover to rigidity.

I keep staring.


The clock strikes

I hear,

The chilly mist shakes me,

I shiver,

And yet I keep staring .


Darkness engulfs.

I tremble.

And I stare at it.

Longing to open…my eyes

When all I’ve been doing is…

Kept staring…


Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Dawn

The sun is rising

Twenty Ten awaits.

It’s time to start running again …