Monday, January 11, 2010


You are gone.

I am left on probation.

You would stay awake.

I would lull you to sleep.

You would talk.

I would listen.

You would chatter.

I would patter.

You would sing.

I would compose.

You would dance.

I would match the steps.

You would run.

I would egg you on.

You would cross the road.

I would hold your shaking hands.

You would work.

I would wait.

You would laugh.

I would make it my only music.

You would cry.

I would take you in my arms.

You would make faces.

I would tease you.

You would shout.

I would be calm.

You would be silent.

I would scream.

You would love me.

I would love you.

And then, you were gone.

I looked around.

I found none.

I ran searching for your trails.

I encountered failures.

I was daunted.

But, I never gave up.

I had my obsession.

I had my dream.

But then you realize, dreams are just dreams after all.

The walls crashed.

And then came a time, when I stopped running after you.

I chased your shadows.

Black and Grey.

Never White.

Never Red, Ivory Blue.

I caught you many times.

But I could never hold on to you.

I ceased to follow.

I learnt to let go while holding on.

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  1. i keep coming back to read this, strange! feels like an easy read, like its from within..