Friday, January 08, 2010

Snippets of a week

It’s been a funny start to the year.

It’s been only 8 days old, and I’ve gotten drunk 3 times already. And as usual, I haven’t gotten high. So I am now shifting gears to beer ensuring a beer belly. Anyways I am not spilling over.

I tried my hand at designing chemical equipments. Strange how easy it seems, and how the designs seem to fail with weird logics. And how we’ve had to progress without any help from a ‘concerned’ teacher who has ‘forgotten to design’ because he last did it 10 years back.

I restarted CAT classes. Seems like it’s time to buck up. I need to START, and I mean literally and figuratively.

I’ve managed to bathe in cold (icy) water through the dipping temperatures.

I’ve been able to finally write my own college classes schedule in the diary. When I was a fresher, friends did it for me, when I got promoted, the new freshers’ were the honoraries.

I’ve had yummy chocolate cake prepared by MD. She brought it to college to treat us.

I hear that tomorrow’s a highly probable holiday only to find it was a rumour. Jyoti Basu is still alive.

I now come to know I won’t be able to sleep till 10 in the morning till maybe next weekend, ‘coz even the coming Sunday has a family ceremony in place.

I post on back to back days!

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