Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do You ?

Do you take chances?
Do you win?
Do you live your dream?
Do you dare?
Do you snatch the beam?

Do you try?
Do you give up?
Do you crack?
Do you measure?
Do you have the knack?

Do you weaken?
Do you strike?
Do you go fragile?
Do you feel?
Do you go in exile?

Do you mourn?
Do you regret?
Do you desire?
Do you yearn?
Do you inspire?

Do you fire?
Do you breathe?
Do you inhale?
Do you conceal?
Do you believe in a fairy tale?

Do you open your arms?
Do you run?
Do you welcome?
Do you want to be?
Do you not believe in a modicum?

Do you want to be a hero?
Do you fight?
Do you struggle?
Do you scream?
Do you wear the coat of the eagle?

Do you express?
Do you wink?
Do you kiss?
Do you sneak in?
Do you not want to go amiss?

Do you marvel?
Do you astonish?
Do you wonder?
Do you forsake?
Do you want to be an absconder?

Do you stick?
Do you stink?
Do you snob?
Do you bicker?
Do you yearn to be the heartthrob?

Do you love?
Do you smile?
Do you care?
Do you grumble?
Do you think all is fair?

Do you think?
Do you ponder?
Do you now bid adieu?
Do you live?
Do you?

(Formerly) Informal

I am informal.

I can hold hands on the road. You can find me taking a forcible seat on the roadside just to laugh out the joke/khorak/khilli that I just heard and can’t take while simply standing. I can cuddle up in a resto. I can even sit on the table joking and fooling around. I eat with my hands unless I don’t feel the need to use a fork/spoon or unless the setting/situation demands me to. I can enjoy and devour my food forgetting ‘etiquette’. I can crack a joke and laugh out loud amidst loved ones. I sometimes eat with my mouth not totally closed. I am not that high collared high handed businessman in a suit or that high profile executive in a professional dinner. I like to forget the rest of the world when I am with close ones. I actually love to, not just like to. More often than not you’d hear the sound of a chicken bone crack than the tinkling of the cutlery on the glass plates. Not that I don’t remember the place and the location and the situation that I’ll make a complete fool out of myself with my informality. But whenever I can I never let go an opportunity.

I am informal. Can’t say I will be.