Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poached Eggs

I love Poached Eggs. Fantabulously mind-blowing. As you bite the yolk, with the juice flowing ever slightly down your fingers, and the sprinkled salt and pepper making it finger-lickin'-good, the feeling is just awesome.

I can have Poached Eggs with baked slices of bread, with Beef Steak, and with American Chopsuey. These are usual. Try it with Maggi. Cook the Maggi noodles and place it on a pair of poached eggs and have it. Try Poached eggs with small chopped pieces of Tomato and Coriander Leaves sprinkled. you can also try it on a Pizza, but the Pizza lovers might just hate the loss of the Italiano Flavour, but trust me, It does taste good.

The perfect blend of Continental Cuisine and Homemade Indian tweaks.


  1. ohh touchwood on dat one...hope poached egg keep on tasting awesome....try dipping lays chips in the yolk ....i m hungry now

  2. So ur trying ur hand at becoming a cook now-a-days, eh? Good though, its is ;) :P