Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sometimes you chance upon something, that something which can strike you right inside. It will cut you through and yet it won’t kill you. You will just know it’s you, in a way. I chanced upon Pablo Neruda tonight. Years back I had chanced upon Khaled Hosseini. It’s my style. It’s my pattern. Deep layered enigmatic imagery irony of emotions. I love the pieces.

I am not supposed to be awake now. I am supposed to be tired. I am teary again. I miss D. Ruffle of the hair. That way.


  1. John,
    Went through your blog, the posts are rich in emotions. I can only imagine what the one you wrote for, would have felt after reading them.

    - I think I will return to read more of the brilliant stuff

  2. Thank you for being a reader and appreciating :-]

    Glanced through you page. Your style of writing is interesting :-]