Saturday, May 23, 2009

In You

Its been days and months. And yet i haven't got the pig off my back. And I'll be honest enough to admit, that maybe i dont' even want to. A query from SD made it all very apparent and a snap relivened the faith on myself.

Those terrific pangs hit me.
The vicious fangs curled around me in jealousy.
A thrash and a slap on a very much surrendered cheek didn't change the vision.
You and me, sitting in a corner, it was yesterday.
Even now, its the same.
Only, its not me anymore, its a namesake.
For you, maybe its better.
For me never been better.
Happiness reigns prime in you.
Loveliness reigns godliness in you.
Truthfulness stares from me in you.
Alas! I was never in you!
Alas! I was in you!
Alas! I withered away in you!
Alas! I died in you!
Alas! I live in you!
I love you.
In you.

P.S. This is a scheduled post


  1. loved this !!!! write on ..

  2. Again? They`ll kick you out now. Concentrate. lol :P