Monday, May 18, 2009

Waiting ...

The last time I met you

Emotions hard to place.

Would it be the last time

When I’d come face to face.

I’ve been waiting for this day

It burned me no end.

Feeders cherishing the bleed.

As I go from red to white.

I’ve been waiting, oh so long,

When you’d be caught stealing that was already lost.

The gamble of wait over.

Has destination taken the bend

Or is it the beginning of the end?

I’m happy and sad.

I’m gay and bright.

The truth stays in my face.

I go in search of light.

Nothing would arouse

Nothing would denounce

The game played it hand of patience

As I played the cards of penance.

Was a solitary that rose to bind

My arms, wide open and waiting

Withstood the crush of the grind.

Teeth clenched and fist wrenched

With a dash of scream, it made a dent.

The day was over

So was the night.

I was waiting…waiting for this fight…


  1. intersting blend of emotions.. hope its fiction though..

  2. @ pink orchid:i'll quote your line:"Every piece of fiction is someone's reality..."

  3. good one...I tried singing it :)) sounds good...honest!

    -nivi :))

  4. @ nivi: well its my first song lyric, i got others too...but am yet to put them to tune :P