Tuesday, June 02, 2009

For You, but, For me

You might not be the prettiest, but
For me You're the most beautiful.
You might not be the best, but
For me You're better than the best.
You might be cheerful with me not around, but
For me my efforts were always to never make you cry.
You might pretend to be matured, but
For me I preferred you my small girl.
For you, I might be a sad after-thought, but
For me You're the bud which blooms everyday.
I might be the one who couldn't keep you happy, but
For me its you who's made me disenchanted.
You lied countlessly, i tried to forget, but
For me, I uttered nothing further from the truth.
For you, I might be the epitome of hell, but
For me, You're the elixir of life.
For me, as for always.
For you, I might have been a thrown-away memory, but
For me You're a sad song which gave me smiles galore and tears abound.
I'm but a light scar in your effervescent heart, but
For me which as ceased to break me in futality.
For you, I might have been dead, but
For me You're my incomplete life.
You tend to live without me, but
For me I die for want of you.


  1. wow! kisiko propose karne wala hai john?

  2. i jus passed by ya blog tode...a question: is the dp of ya blog ..the heart one clicked by u..if yes..brilliant work!

  3. @ pink orchid: nahi yaar!!! aise thodi n hai...:P

  4. @ divsi: thanx dudette...
    do drop by more....

  5. wow!!lovely poem out there. :)

  6. hey, this writting is serious dude...how do you do it? and another question 'what triggers this'? :))

    Wonder what the inside of your head looks like when you composed this :))

    gr8 going :))

    thanx a bunch for stopping by and encouraging me for more madness...it really means a lot :))


  7. WOW !!!!

    Beautiful....I'm speechless!

    Kudos to you. :)


  8. @ nivi: writing is entirely instinctive to me. not so much planning goes into things.

    as for the insides of my head, come n crack my skull, I wonder if you'll find anything different. I am myself am double curious to know :P

    And yeah, Thanx a lot !