Tuesday, June 09, 2009

(Un)Wrong Instincts

Its 4.30 in the morning.
Mom and Dad are going home, and I wont be meeting them for a month now.
I have this gut feeling. I won't meet them again.
This is crazy. Maybe eerie would describe it best.
I hope it's not true. Unlike the previous times when gut feelings and basic instincts have risen true to the fore. I hope, no, I want I am wrong, my insides are wrong.
The more i try to disengage myself from the feeling, the more it stays.
It's not good.
Close my eyes and fervent favours...


  1. tui pagol hoe gechis pagla? :O Throw ur instincts in the drain!


  2. scary. i hope all will b fine

  3. I dunno about you, but I get this feeling everytime I part with someone I love.. So, don't worry. It's just you missing them!

  4. P.S. Akta funny post kor na taratari, plz. :(

  5. @ diya: ami toh borabori pagol chilam...:P
    funny post lekhar moton strength ekhon amar nei...too tired...

  6. @ spica: this hasn't happened before...not that i haven't parted from someone i love and this feeling comes everytime...but this time it's just a wee bit different...

  7. stop thinking too much!! r u on drugs?? :P

  8. @ richa: no way yaar. drugs are a big no-no...:D

  9. ok. last time i read it n came here but jus cudnt comment nethng cos i was sooo mad!

    i guess it happens sometimes when ur up in the hills all by urself! :P

    but ish okish, my mails are gonna give u company! and u'll be back reeeaaall soon, can hardly wait for another round of poker! :D

    miss u!
    take care! :)

  10. @ rhea: yeah, maybe it happens...
    waiting for the mails :D
    and we have fb for poker, du't we?
    miss you too...

  11. shut up twit. hills have made u go nuts.
    (btw i half felt it too when dad left.atleast ur with relations.am in a PG!) :(

  12. This happens.... Don't worry. All will be fine.
    As u already mentioned they r wrong instincts.