Monday, April 13, 2009

A Dream

I wish it wasn’t this dark. It’s black. No white. All around I see the devil. Dressed in black. The windows leak a light, albeit its black light. I stare gorily amidst a broken pane. There’s not much to see. My eyes open wider. I take a couple of steps ahead. Unsure. Another one and I fall. I am falling into an endless abyss. It’s darker. Maybe. I can’t distinguish. I am falling. I hit something. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t pain. I take a loop of tumbles. Did I hit ground? No, it can’t be the ground. I can’t even describe it. I suddenly realize the encompassing surrounding. I try to bang on every side. I keep banging harder. The surface breaks, emitting a light now. Blinded. A jet of white and colour shoots. I am hit. And they suck me in. I drop into an omnipresent circus of light. All around so many small droplets hanging. The background’s also smitten with those droplets. One of these hits my face. Gosh! Its so chilly cold, that drop. And yet again I am sucked in. This time into the droplet. And I see an apparition. As I reach out to touch a glimpse of me in there, I get hit by another drop. And I am spooned inside that now. It becomes a chain. I am zip-zap-zooming through. I have had almost a tour. And suddenly I feel I don’t need to see anymore. I don’t need to experience that anymore. I don’t need to view the intrigue again. I have been over it now.

And I wake up. It’s still dark, quite late in the night. Misty silence greets me. I realize it was a dream. And I realize I had touched reality in that dream. The boundaries had blurred. I had visited the solar system of memories. A lifetime of them. I’m wrong. Lifetime(S) of them. Past lives, future lives. All were present. And I am blessed. A shudder passes through me as I realize this. I get goose bumps. And I feel eternally present. A death won’t be enough to wipe me forever. And I bask in the darkness…


  1. hey, me first :)
    "Basking in the darkness"... wonderful post, as if a dream :)
    U know, i was intending to post something on this, and lo! U did it dude :)
    Dreams... they are indeed a world in themselves almost parallel to our conscious one... :)

  2. that was scary..:)
    i dont want such nightmares dude..:P

    flow was good..:)

  3. @ every-one: well yeah it sounds scary all right.
    but it's quite relieving too...if you read the last part a 2nd time, maybe you'll realize it....