Thursday, March 26, 2009

Memories ...


Memories haunt.

Memories relived onwards.

Memories marching on.

Memories gnash.

Memories burn.

Memories daunt.

Memories hate.

Memories spark.

Memories live.

Memories forget death.

A day when memories awaken.

Everytime this day comes in a year.

And everytime.

Memories haunt.

Memories stare.

Memories slice through.

Memories mingle with fantasy.

Memories fight with reality.

Memories gain sight of victory.

Memories lose yet again.

A day when memories awaken.


  1. I didnt knew tha memories can do too much ..:P
    But they are something that makes everyone, even the toughest one melt away and stop while walking down the life to take a look at what it was like to be before in those real times but not memories..

  2. its jus another day.. it shall pass to! :)

  3. true.......memories refresh too!!

    give us a sense of existence

  4. hey good post. memories both bad and good. memories all ours of yesterday, today and tomorrow :)