Sunday, March 15, 2009


The timeline we all know is based on the number line. And the number line begins with a negative infinity and terminates(if at all it does :P) at positive infinity. However there is a slight bit of difference, we don’t have( or rather don’t have the knowledge of ) negative time. This present self-imposed temporary sabbatical from blogosphere and mere laziness combined got me thinking on the timeline of our own lives. And unwittingly and unobtrusively a sneek peek into my life.

I would be guilty if I did not mention J. Recently while chatting up and discussing career options (sounds like am so serious about my career, LOL !), J mentioned that I had mentioned I would be going into the IT industry. And all that when I was supposedly in 5th standard or so. That’s hell of a time back, I mean more than 10 years back, when IT BOOM had not occurred yet. And the herd of my class didn’t even have an inkling of what It is all about, forget Information Technology. And there I was talking about IT. I don’t even remember this incident and I find it hard to believe now. And what got us into a mini-argument of sorts was the fact I’m pretty much hell bent on being repellant to the IT job sector now. :P .

I’ve been reading heavily. I’ve acquired a recent fetish for mid-life mentality of humans. And am pretty worried about the results. This thought process of getting tired of something too easily is something I correspond to very well now. Lack of Motivation has been a recent problem of mine. There has been this knack of not succeeding and getting used to it, flowing along with the tide, ebb and high tide alike. A feeling(s) you’ll commonly find in people much elder to me.

And last night I had this dream too. There was this me. And this me was dreaming in the sleep. Dream in a dream! Whoa! Now, coming back. This me dreamt that I was to be a big soccer player, who sacrificed his footballing career for a love. And then this love left me, with me lurking in darkness. And I don’t know why, I had this sense of déjà vu then, in my dream. There was this innate feeling of having had this dream earlier. And honestly speaking, have felt that way too. Much earlier, something like when I was very small, maybe 7-8 years old. Hard to believe, after all who remembers dreams. Now dreams will take up another post. It’s a favourite topic of mine to crib about :P .

But the point is: what about these random ramblings about some sprayed incidents of a lifetime? I wondered. Or I’d like to put it this way. I was led to wonder if time really flows forward as we all find it to be, or is it the ultimate illusion? And am I ahead of my times? However ‘ahead’ is a relatively relative term here, especially when I dare to speak of time flowing backwards. So that could essentially mean I am beyond times. Confused? Contradicted? Want to read this paragraph again? Go ahead. And if your answer to any of those one-worded questions is negative then you haven’t read this post at all.

And this compilation of small yet large impact incidents can merge seamlessly when you realize you are High. As I was when I wrote this. Somehow it makes sense. And if it appears nonsense to you, let me remind you even ‘nonsense’ has 62.5% ‘sense’ in it…:P


  1. interesting! enjoyed reading it :)

  2. how didja come up with that percentage? :P

  3. @ pseudo intelectual: "nonsense" has how many letters? .. sense makes up what fraction of dat amt??.. calculate...:P

  4. @john- emmm loved t...nice post.... and loved the lined even nonsense has 62.5% sense in t...well d post makes a lot f sense 2 me....

    t happens 2 me also dat most of the time i feel dat i had seen the same dream before.....:)
    enjyd readn t.. :)