Monday, November 24, 2008

The Trojan Warrior

Getting overtly dependent on technology has its pitfalls. For the last week or so, my pc has had a complete makeover of sorts only to see it flopping woefully time and time again. :((

It all started with my pen drive cum mp3 player getting overloaded with viruses and Trojans courtesy the machine in the store where I had gone for a few print-outs. I had never been to that shop earlier, had just come to know that prints cost a meagre Re1.50 there. Cheapness comes with a cost, as you and I see very clearly!

Starting from an initial machine crash to a formatting of my hard-drive at 12 in the night to reformatting it right uptil 5 in the morning and still getting no improvements, I had seen it all that day ! And on top of that my mp3 player lost all its settings and inbuilt software, and as if that wasn’t enough all the songs got deleted ,instead, being replaced by a “small” exe file of the same name ! then on loading new antivirus to machine crashing again, its been 1 helluva ride over the past few days. With me being immensely reliant on e-books for the upcoming semz(of which I hardly still know a thing!) I badly needed my pc to run properly, and just when I thought it was gonna be a smooth operation now, this mornig yet again it finally crashed. The usual process of new installations taking up virtually the whole day, my studies went for a wide outside the off-stump full toss !

Hats off to these guys who build and write these Trojan and virus codes! I used to have a pot-house of collection of these in my earlier get-up, used to threaten everybody with dire consequences of releasing them into their sytem if they pissed me off [ :P ] ! infact I had written a code much earlier, dunno what I’d call it, while writing a program in c++. And on running it the machine couldn’t restrain itself from restarting time and time again! So i am no innocent bartender either i guess! :P

Have been turned into a Trojan warrior for the past few days. Am pretty wounded and hurt after these tormentous battles on the battlefield [:P]! time to go and catch a nap maybe...

Till then … the battle continues…

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