Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hollow-Man 2


Wandering along an unchartered road,

Looking across the walls of derision,

Striving for that unestimated want,

Leaving the confusion amalgam behind,

Diving deep into still waters

Disturbing the all serene calm,

Crashing through the blocks of lust,

Wading across weedy fields of haunt,

Unruffled by the creaking doors of hate,

Screechy screams screaming out loud,

Asking for escape,

That desired touch of freedom,

Ideals recollected;

No way out of this mess,

Hallow-ed by the Hollow;

Empty serene tranquil descending,

Pervading thoughts segregated by the Hollow,

Total peace.


Basking in that afterglow…

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