Sunday, September 28, 2008

The fugitive

Blinded by the light he woke up.

Tempted to sip the last drop,

Misty mountain tops surrounded,

Crowding the barren desert in solitude

He woke up.


The trail of the never before trodden path gone cold.

The eyes searching for one last route of escape.

Escape, was it?

The flight from his homeland,

The run from his loved ones,

The escape from his disappointments,

The fleeing from the truth.

It was indeed, An escape !


Lost amidst the sea of emotions

What else could he do?

But stare and see

At the remnants of his fast evaporating life.

Volatile smooth transition

Into the effervescent .

The decision had to be made and taken

With immediate effect

And no regrets

And he did.


He fled.

Ran with all his might

With all determination

With all intention to free himself

From the clutches of his grief

After all he had lost everything


And he fled…


The mind took a drastic step

Leapt into the future

Overlooking the present

And ignoring the past

And it dared to hope,


And therein committed its worst crime yet!


Trust and faith,

Bounded in chains,

Were freed for eternity .

Left alone would have died a natural death

Messed with…

Death cast its hood over him …

And yet again he fled…


Today finally

Unable to launch himself

Defeat slapped him hard

He bit the dust

Soul torn apart

Till he could take no more

Wishing heartily he could wrench himself away

Futile wishes,

After all he still had to flee…


The fugitive had surrendered

Knighted by himself

He had to endure

He couldn’t…yet he was the fugitive

And he wasn’t supposed to be a master of endurance

The voice now said

“This is your last chance.

 Fail and you perish.

 Flee and you survive.

 Try and you win.”


Was he supposed to win?

He daren’t know

Survive?He wished hard.

Perish. Last thing on his mind.

In the end

He kept wondering…


All in all he was the Fugitive…

As he stamped his signature on the coarse ground

The Fugitive …


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