Saturday, November 05, 2011


Its been raining outside continuously, anonymously. The drizzly silhouette of a couple under an umbrella behind the smoke of the raindrops is what I can make out. Someday, I would like us to walk in this drizzle, at this time of the night, anonymously, chippering and chattering along, with the sides of our shirts getting wet, escaping the large puddle formed in the road crater and swearing at the car which just went by, splashing the dirt flowered water soiling our wet feet. And then we would have a corn cheese sandwich and walk back lusting for some hot tea, and then stopping at a tea stall, and sitting on the wooden planks, more rotten than wet and shivering slightly and smiling lightly. And then, we would walk back the same way, and we would again get wet in the rain which is now something more than just a drizzle. And you would feel warm in just the way I would hold you and walk.


  1. its strange how places you've never visited before become part of your life! its like a little imaginative world i've created in my mind, with all the sights and sounds that you talk bout.. where someday, i'd like to actually go, with you walking beside me holding my hand! and even though those places might differ considerably from my imagination, yet it'll be a pleasure to jus sit on the same familiar bench, eat the same familiar food that you always talk bout! someday, it'll all happen.. for now, its a dream! :)
    i love you!

  2. you missed the part where you fall sick for the next 3 days...n if it were in kolktata then the next 7 days!

    jokes apart...awesome yaar...