Friday, October 15, 2010


Sometimes somethings are beautiful. Some ‘times’ are just beautiful. You can’t describe them in words. It wouldn’t do justice.

Beauty isn’t in what you can always express. Beauty isn’t always the one to be caught on celluloid. Beauty isn’t the one to be chased in elusive pursuit. Beauty is to be cherished. Beauty is pure; tranquil; quintessential on the outside, a big bubble in reality, a bubble which can never burst. Beauty is us.

The moments, those which can drown the darkest of sorrows and brighten the life beyond the realms of nothingness, are priceless.

You make me.
You complete me.
You are in me.
I love you.

Mohastami. Durgastami. Auspicious. Momentous. Special.
It’s all worth it.
It's beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. beauty is something that should never have ny reason to be justified...its just there and it will be there to spread a smile