Monday, December 08, 2008


What is our fascination with everything foreign? Why is it our inner psyche always reaches out heartily to the outsiders while indigenous home grown stunts don’t get their due. Why is it we look at ‘America’ for high level of studies? Yeah I agree the standards are pretty high there…as compared to here, but its been a helluva time which we could have utilized to bring our standards up to the mark…been a long 61+ years of independence…a long enough time to go past the’ phorens’…why isn’t that others outside would want to visit here to make it a pride of their own that they have been to india…why is it the so-called low fare tourist places is India…why isn’t it that this country can be the object of a millions of billions? Why is it that terrorist attacks in India always brand the place as too unsafe while seemingly worse situations don’t break the fame and name of western places? Why is it that Indians are made out to be weaker than their Western counterparts? Why is it that empathy goes out to the victims outside and mere sympathy to the Indians? Why is it we are looked down upon? Why is it that that Indians have to take it upon themselves to secure a hi-profile jobs in foreign shores, feeling the pinch of outsourcing and continuing threats of disbanding the outsourcing scheme,rendering thousands job-less? Why isn’t it that foreigners look to India to secure jobs and accord the country and its people the respect they so richly deserve? Why is it that the country still can’t take a decision keeping the common man in mind but only for the greed of the good-for-nothing politicians? Why is it we go crazy-hazy over every western celebrity while our own talents are grossly under-nourished? Why is it we criticize our own system of not producing the talent and efficiency? Why is it we look starry-eyed at the Oscars wondering when will an Indian get one? Why is it do we think that we don’t have that quality? Why is it we don’t make the big guns of the foreign world aim for our filmfare awards? Maybe we could set up a foreign category in filmfare awards and allow Hollywood films to apply in that category…Why is it we hocus –pocus on one failure of a sachin tendulkar while laughing aloud, without any sarcastic-ness, at the ‘bushisms’ and applaud him? Why is it we snatch the hornets out of those with the real attitude by branding him a trouble maker? Why is it so many of our past heritage is withering away while we are gaga over the new hotel in Dubai? Why is it we do all the big talk about doing the thing and end up doing nothing except just saying ”this A and B is responsible for this mishap , not me”?why is it we so terribly want to accept the proven instead of encouraging to prove the unproven?

And let me come clean. Am not a Indian basher and all others for just speaking it and not doing it. Am not criticizing our fathers for their inability to convert us into super-standard levels. If they haven’t been able to that, they have done a very important job of building the base. Its upto us to consolidate. Indians aren’t weak and you know that better than any other person would tell you. We have been ,under circumstances, dependent on the outside powers. Its time to break the shackles and break free. Its time we tower over others and leave the big talk to others. Its time to say “the buck stops with me and I’ll do the required somehow or the other to make it work”. Its time to stop calling the system a bullshit and somehow start changing ourselves to improve the system instead of leaving it for someone else. Its time we stopped listening to false political promises and untoward gains and stand up. Its time we call a spade a spade. Its time for dreams to fly. Its time to fly without wings. Its time to tell our inner souls that we are the best and bring ourselves to the forefront. Its time to call the real ‘us’ inside us and shout out and wonder “Why is it we tend to rust and weather ourself and our enormous potential leaving the fascinations to be unveiled to others?”


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